Topic: Justice & Equity

Justice & Equity

Our beloved country, with all its promise and all its failings, is now one election away from slipping into autocracy; an election that many of us feel will lead to a higher road for the future or a much lower one. How did we get here? Will our democracy and our dreams survive? What can … Continue reading Justice & Equity

Yes We Can Do It! Pledge Drive Kick-Off & Catered Brunch

In World War II, the US faced acute labor shortages. Yet, our country already had the powerful human resources it needed…but we didn’t know it at first. Creative thinking, flexible mindsets, and embracing change helped the US re-imagine who could meet the need for a strong, competent, and resolved workforce: women. It may be that … Continue reading Yes We Can Do It! Pledge Drive Kick-Off & Catered Brunch

Our Bodies, Our Rights

In a time where discrimination and inequality around gender and reproductive rights grow, how can we only grow stronger, grow louder. The concept of body-autonomy is embedded in many of our values and principles as Unitarian Universalists, and is expressed in our support of comprehensive sexuality education through OWL. Join us as we discuss the … Continue reading Our Bodies, Our Rights