From ‘Why is there Something Rather than Nothing?’ to ‘Why is it Always Something?!’

Once again, we are required to rise up to respond to another crisis in our community. The Marshall Fire crisis is coming within the context of COVID on a (hopefully short) upswing, ongoing mass shootings, our shaky democracy, and an escalating climate crisis, among other things.  It’s been a long time since things felt ‘normal’, even ‘safe’.  Today, we’ll gather again for solace and comfort, as we explore the impact of complex trauma on our lives and our communities. Rev. Charlie Dieterich  from the UUA Trauma Response Team will be joining Rev. Lydia in this Zoom only service. This service replaces the service “Why is there Something Rather than Nothing?” that Jeff VanCleve bought two years ago at the Auction!  Last year, we had to pivot to respond to the Insurrection. I’ve promised Jeff that I will preach this sermon!! 

Recorded Zoom Service Recording