Speaker: Lisa Moore Intern

Holding History: Annual Day of Remembrance

On this special Sunday, we’ll have our first indoor multi-platform service since our building was completed! We’ll honor our ancestors, including the founders of this congregation, and take time to memorialize those who have died and whose lives still touch ours. To accomodate Roomies and Zoomies, we’ll have a memorial slide show, as we did … Continue reading Holding History: Annual Day of Remembrance

Becoming a Story

In this service, we’ll further delve into the theme of Becoming. Through exploration of generational and legendary figures, we will discuss the influence their actions turned into stories have upon our own ever-growing and evolving states of being.  Recorded Zoom service

Winter Solstice

With the longest night of the year comes the opportunity to welcome the beginning of a new year and increasing daylight. Darkness gives us time to rest and make ready for renewal. Where in our lives do we need more rest, and what is ready for renewal? Recorded Zoom service