The State of the Union – for the Office!

Beautiful Friends, Good News! We have two interviews scheduled for Monday with skilled applicants for the Office Assistant position. Board Treasurer Joan Mulcahy and I will conduct the interviews; Capital Treasurer Diana Forrest may join us. I am looking forward to Monday and hope that the good news of a hire follows, though we won’t know until later.

Thank you for spreading the word and helping us find these applicants, who I believe saw postings on Facebook!

I’d like to speak a bit about office staffing, not including facility work.

Two goals for the year are (1) Hire an Office Assistant, a financial professional and numbers-loving enthusiastic team player who will take on the numbers-related work that has grown so much over the last several years, including oversight of deposit, bill pay, payroll, month end bookkeeping and reconciliations, support of the Board Treasurer and the Combined Capital Treasurer, issuance of quarterly statements, troubleshooting and member support when questions arise. As if that weren’t enough, they will need to manage the database.

As you can imagine, there will be some serious training going on for awhile when the new hire comes in!

A second goal is to (2) add Strategic Communications Consulting to my Office Manager list of responsibilities. I already do some tactical work, such as the “hands-on” website updates and external communications on NextDoor. I’ll be moving into more strategic planning working with our ministers and other leaders to define consistent messaging, communication plans and external marketing of the Fellowship as a community other people can benefit from.

The office work cannot get done without many hands pitching in!

Esteemed volunteer Elena Slusser continues to work 3-5 hours each week on preparing our Sunday collection and other contributions for deposit. She’s been working in the office for about 5 1/2 years now. I am grateful for her presence and her teamwork. I hope to see Elena continue her deposit work after the new hire.

Communication Specialist Spenser Raymond recently moved into School of the Spirit’s Youth Coordinator position, aligning his employment for the Fellowship with his masters degree program of social work. He will continue to mentor me for the next two months related to updating the website and some trickier google support. Member and worship associate coordinator Scott Youmans plays a role as technical consultant for four hours a month, most of which is around the website also. Member and audio/visual team member Herb Axe is producing Candles of Community for us online. Herb, Scott and Spenser combine the very best in mentoring and technical know-how! Thank you, guys! P.S. Any of you techie types out there who can help, I’d love to get you involved in troubleshooting and mentoring. There’s lots of technical questions that come up!

Other members who are helping: Jean Nuttall is getting your room reservation requests online, Janet Meyer is producing Connections Weekly with proofreading help from Silvine Farnell and/or myself, Marc Killinger is reviewing and updating the Fellowship webpages to ensure that they carry the Fellowship “Voice” and perspective. Jean, Janet, Marc and Silvine, your fellow members benefit a lot from your work behind the scenes, and it’s great interacting with you!

If I have forgotten someone who wished they had been mentioned, I am sorry and ask for forgiveness. The Fellowship takes a community to get the work done, and I thank you.

If my posts bring up questions for you, please email me. I would like to hear from you!

Conversation Cultivating Community, let’s make it so!

Grateful for all types of generosity,

Carol Pranschke

Office Manager