Ten Memorable Questions I’ve Been Asked at Work

As written last week, one of the best questions I’ve been asked as office manager was “Have you seen my machete laying around anywhere?”

Now here are 10 more memorable questions I’m sharing for your enjoyment and behind-the-scenes look at the office!

1. We’re bringing the sacred relics of the Buddha on tour to the Boulder area. Could we rent the Fellowship for a weekend? There will be some impact. (The timing did not work out.)

2. Can you get someone to climb up in the attic, crawl to the water turn-off about 15 feet further and turn it off? Oh, and make sure they avoid the nails poking down from the ceiling. (Thanks to our awesome facility caretaker Gordon Weir, this got taken care of.)

3. Can you get me the serial and model numbers off the drinking fountain? (A surprisingly difficult feat.)

4. Can you order 12 of the plastic doohickey things – not the crank thing – but the little plastic part that goes next to the crank that holds the sanctuary windows in? (If you know what to call these doohickey things, you must work for Pella!)

5. Someone needs to get rid of the rattlesnake in the back yard. That’s you, right? (But I’m the OFFICE manager. And I’m in sandals. And, and I’m from Chicago. They only teach us about the two-legged kind there.)

6. Can you call someone about the prairie dogs? (Oh, beware of such seemingly simple requests.)

7. Will anyone on staff eat these leftover tofu granola bars? (Hmmm, are they chocolate covered?)

8. Can you figure out how to make the flame of the chalice EVEN bigger? (Yowza! Let’s do it!)

9. Can you teach me everything I need to know about Google?

10. Can you get my pterodactyl off your roof?

A. Who dug up that big hole in the parking lot? (There’s a hole?) and

B. Did you know there is a dump truck dumping five loads of dirt with concrete bits in our yard? (Dump truck? Concrete?)

Next week’s post: Ten of the all-time great questions I’ve asked of others!

~ Kindness is the new cool!
Carol Pranschke