There’s a new employee in the office!

Come and meet new office administrative support Ginny Landes  on Sunday, December 10 at the Fellowship. When music director Tad Koriath asked me how was he to know when to contact her and when to contact me, I said “Just think checks!”

Here’s how Ginny’s getting started at the Fellowship:

  • Working with and learning from office volunteer Elena Slusser on Making Deposits, which is a multi-step process every week that takes 4-5 hours plus a stop at a bank. It includes: recording your contributions and other incoming monies to our database, running deposit reports, copying checks, sharing the reports. Elena and Ginny together will ensure the weekly deposits get done.
  • Paying the Bills, which is also a multi-step process that takes 4-5 hours each week. I’m showing her that this includes how to: make reimbursements, write checks up and get them signed, pay bills that come in via email or postal mail, record autopayments, ensure that we are being billed correctly, record outgoing money to the right accounts, and otherwise draw up checks based on your requests and needs.
  • Meeting with the Capital Campaign leaders the week of 12/10 to start learning about their support needs.

Checks come in, checks go out, spreadsheets get updated and shared, reports get run. For now, when you think of Ginny, think “checks!”

By the way, Ginny will be learning lots more along the way and over time, but remember, these are early days, and it is one of our busiest times. You’ll be learning more about her too, so for now, greet her warmly. You’ll be glad she’s here!

~ Carol Pranschke, aka office manager

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