Top Ten Fun Questions I’ve Asked of Others!

Turnaround is fair play! Last week, I shared the Top Ten Memorable Questions I’ve been asked as the office manager at the Fellowship. Now here for your reading pleasure, are the questions I remember as most well, kind of crazy! And yes, some of them (not all) play off of questions mentioned last week!

1. And, how often do you lose your machete?

2. I need to ask, since I don’t know much about pagan festivals and you said you want to hold a campfire outside if you rent from us. And you know, I want to be ready in case the neighbors, in case they have a question for me. Does your group wear unusual headgear, or anything, around the campfire? (No, they don’t.)

3. You guys don’t get naked, do you? (The answer, again, was no.)

4. Could you ask Hans if he will climb up on our roof and get a pterodactyl down? I’m in a dress and can’t do it. (In this case, it was treasurer Joan M who got to ask the really cool question of her partner, Hans J. A trio of young boys had a remote control pterodactyl which landed on our roof, flipping over, and not responding to the control. Hans graciously retrieved the little dino.)

5. Yes, hello, can you help me? The last person I spoke with said I needed to speak with you. I would like to make a reservation for a hotel room in another person’s name, using a credit card with a third name on it, and the credit card is in process of being re-issued with a fourth name. Yes, I’ll hold.

6. So, my young friends whom I have just met, how did you know what code to type that got you in the door? And how many times have you come in to play when no one was here? Two, eh? And you guessed at the code. Well, by golly. (I changed the code that day.)

7. You’re here to repair the large hole in the parking lot. Do you know why the hole was created in the first place? Do you know who does? You’re just the fix-it guy. Yes, I’m sure you will do an excellent job.

8. Officer, what do I look for when I go outside to find the rattlesnake burrow? You’re not sure? Then how do you know it’s not out there?

9. You want it when?

10. How much does a 91-year-old Japanese master of the bow-and-arrow get paid when visiting our Dharma Summer Camp? (Held 3 years ago, we had a revered Buddhist master of the bow here. It was an incredible moment to see him shoot – possibly his last time, with young ones watching in complete silence.)

Bonus question:
Do I get to make a wand too? (during Harry Potter SpiritJam, and yes, I did!)