Treasurer’s Update – Thank You!

In November and early December, Board President Marky Lloyd, made several pulpit announcements on the status of our building project, our “One More Step” campaign, and the need for members to stay current on both Capital Campaign and annual pledge payments. You, Members and Friends, responded beyond expectation!

Our Building Project cash on hand at the end of December exceeded the loan requirement by $50,000 and we continue to receive more payments on Capital Campaign pledges in January. Our annual pledge income for November and December jumped significantly so that instead of lagging behind previous years we are now, as of year-end, right on track with previous years. And, of course, we exceeded our goal for the “One More Step” campaign.

I am once again inspired by the commitment of this congregation to building a center for spirituality and justice-making and I extend my gratitude to all our members and friends.

Joan Mulcahy