Author: BVUUF Treasurer

Update from the Treasurer

Now that our Sunday services are being held on Zoom, the Offertory portion of our service is relying on technology too. Yes, you can still mail a check to our p.o. box, but there is a quick and easy way to donate using your smart … read more.

Update from the Treasurer

Our 2020-2021 Pledge Goal: 7%

This year’s goal of a 7% increase in annual pledge income represents a stretch for us compared to previous pledge drives. Here is the reasoning for setting this goal as we did.

Our Commitment to Live By Our Values

The most important reason … read more.

Treasurer’s Update

I am extremely pleased to announce that the donation our Fellowship received from King Soopers for the July 1 to September 30 three-month period was $1,024.90 and we have 79 households selecting BVUUF as their charity. This is in comparison to the previous three-month period … read more.

Treasurer’s Update

If you make your pledge payments by having your bank send a check to BVUUF from your account or if you make your pledge payments from your IRA, please be sure to change our address with your bank or brokerage firm. Some financial institutions … read more.

Treasurer’s Update – Thank You!

In November and early December, Board President Marky Lloyd, made several pulpit announcements on the status of our building project, our “One More Step” campaign, and the need for members to stay current on both Capital Campaign and annual pledge payments. You, Members and Friends, … read more.

Treasurer’s Update for July 2018

The Treasurer’s Report for June 2018 which is also the year-end report for the 2017-2018 fiscal year was recently accepted by the Board and is now available on our web site in the “Member-Only Content” area. Key items from that report follow.

Pledge income exceeded expectations … read more.

Treasurer’s Update for March 2018

The Fellowship, as you may know, is currently in the midst of preparing the 2018-2019 budget. One aspect of this challenging process is to forecast income for the coming fiscal year. Since this has been on my mind, I thought that in this month’s post, … read more.

Treasurer’s Update for February 2018

We have learned (from some of you, our members, as well as from knowledgeable fundraisers) that many of you may no longer carry a checkbook, and that sometimes you find yourself without the cash you would like to drop in the plate on a Sunday … read more.