Author: BVUUF Treasurer

Update from the Treasurer

Our 2020-2021 Pledge Goal: 7% This year’s goal of a 7% increase in annual pledge income represents a stretch for us compared to previous pledge drives. Here is the reasoning for setting this goal as we did. Our Commitment to Live By Our Values The most important reason for the increase is our congregation’s long-standing … Continue reading Update from the Treasurer

Treasurer’s Update

I am extremely pleased to announce that the donation our Fellowship received from King Soopers for the July 1 to September 30 three-month period was $1,024.90 and we have 79 households selecting BVUUF as their charity. This is in comparison to the previous three-month period in which we had 34 households selecting BVUUF as their … Continue reading Treasurer’s Update

Treasurer’s Update

If you make your pledge payments by having your bank send a check to BVUUF from your account or if you make your pledge payments from your IRA, please be sure to change our address with your bank or brokerage firm. Some financial institutions send checks with “return service requested” or “address service requested” noted … Continue reading Treasurer’s Update