Treaurer’s Update – Our Adventure Begins (almost)!

As most if not all of you know by now, our planned move from our Fellowship home to our temporary quarters at Angevine Middle School where we will hold services until our “Making Room for Our Future” efforts are complete has been delayed a bit. This blip in our plans provides even more reason to remind ourselves of our congregational goal and covenant for this year of adventure to “keep our community strong”.

What does this mean from a financial perspective? Here are a few suggestions for keeping our Fellowship healthy financially throughout our adventure.

  1. Keep your pledge payments (both capital and annual pledges) as current as possible. We will be borrowing money and the less we must borrow, the lower our interest payments will be. In addition, regular payment of your annual pledge helps smooth out our income stream and assist in cash flow throughout the year. If you need to alter your pledge, please let the office or treasurer know as soon as possible.
  2. Support our Auction! After our pledge payments, our Auction vies with the Sunday plate collection for being the next biggest source of funds for our Fellowship. It’s a lot of fun and the dinners and outings you purchase keep your social calendar filled with wonderful events for an entire year. Plan on  volunteering to help and attending! See Juli MacKenzi after Sunday services or contact me for more information.
  3. Use your reloadable grocery card as much as possible.  Use of these cards generates a non-trivial amount of income to the Fellowship at no financial cost to the card user. Use them for gas and groceries at King Soopers and Safeway. We also have non-reloadable cards for Vitamin Cottage. Using these card results in the store donating to the Fellowship based on a percentage of your purchases. If you don’t have one of these cards, please consider getting one. They are available from Elizabeth Robinson after each service.
  4. If you shop on Amazon, sign up for Amazon Smile and designate BVUUF as your charity. Again, this results in a donation to the Fellowship based on a percentage of your purchases without increasing your cost. If you do not know how to designate your charity, please contact me and I’ll provide you instructions.

I welcome your questions regarding the above information or on any issue related to the finances of our Fellowship. Contact me at

Joan Mulcahy