Unveiling the Mystery: But Carol, what DO you DO?

My work at the Fellowship falls into 5 main categories:

– individual membership and committee support;
– staff support including payroll and new employee orientations;
– financial data management;
– communications and technology support; and
– facility management and grounds support.

With recent changes to the office job descriptions, my priorities are changing somewhat: I will spend more time on communications, and turn over most of my numbers-related work to a new hire. The job posting for our Office Assistant is available at www.bvuuf.org/employment if you know anyone who might be interested.

Another way to say it is that I have senior responsibility for overall administration. Sometimes this means I’m involved in a strategy meeting, sometimes it means I answer the door for package deliveries. Some things fall to me because I am the most likely person you will find at the Fellowship during the week. Sometimes I answer “Anything not covered by someone else.”

Maybe you’re still thinking, hey, give me something more! So here goes…

Today, Monday, I came in to find out who tore up two parking spaces in the Caria St parking lot without leaving a note; let a service guy in to look at why the a/c is not working in the ministers’ office; post the job opening for Office Assistant farther afield; set up our first payroll for the new fiscal year; answer emails such as: do we have a facility inventory (we have photos, which i shared), can I send a member a contribution statement (yes!), update an employment verification for a staff member; consider what to do about outstanding checks from the just-ended fiscal year, prepare signed checks for mailing to recipients, promote the July 11 and July 22 Common Read events on Facebook, setup a meeting with Rev. Ruth and I to discuss communications, and do lots of work on the new website, which Communications Specialist Spenser has been showing me some of the behind-the-scenes work.

Tuesdays are Financial Management days, and I expect to spend a fair bit of time tomorrow on pledge statements, outstanding checks, the weekly deposit work with volunteer Elena Slusser, write checks to pay bills, and other various $-related tasks. I often order supplies on Tuesdays. I’m also meeting with a potential volunteer to explore what needs to be done to get the Fellowship library up and established.

Wednesday is meeting day: meet with the outgoing and incoming treasurers, learn how to handle the audio uploads for each week’s sermon and candles of community, and meet with the new Board President to talk about communications and signature work as the new president (such as for thank you letters that go out to our half plate recipients.) I do a fair amount of Google admin on this day.

Thursday is a great day for catching up on miscellaneous follow-ups of all kinds, for reading / learning, and for doing research. I also do a lot of meetings by phone or Zoom. I work half days from home on Thursdays, usually the morning.

Friday is a creative & tech & communications day: I create new slides for the foyer slide display, I help with publications (Weekly and the Order of Service) if needed, I check in with our bulletin folders. I write more checks if there are more bills or requests for payments (such as for guest musicians or 3rd party service providers).

Sundays, I come in occasionally. If I work on a Sunday, I work shorter hours on Monday. With my new focus on communications, I expect to come in on Sundays regularly at once a month. Every weekend, I check email fairly often, and answer those which can be handled quickly. Emails needing research wait for Monday.

If you want more details, just let me know! 

Current gratitudes: Thanks to Gwen Murphy who wanted to know what I do in more detail, and to Spenser Raymond for his help in learning the new website. 

— Carol Pranschke