September Board Report, from Wynn Montgomery

At its September 13 meeting, your Board filled the three remaining elected positions (on the Committee on Shared Ministries and Leadership Development Committee); discussed the continuing and growing prairie dog invasion and asked the Grounds Committee for a detailed analysis of options; and began consideration of the Congregation Wide Goals that emerged from the August Leadership Retreat.

The new member of CoSM is HollyAnne Giffin. Paul Brynteson and Noreen Walsh are joining the LDC. All of these appointments are through June 30, 2018.

Board members also continued their learning and discerning activities. Treasurer Joan Mulcahy offered a thorough review of how to understand the monthly Treasurer’s Report and Financial Overview, and we began our discussion of the Fellowship Common Read Salsa, Soul and Spirit. [Editor’s Note: we have extra copies of the Common Read in the Fellowship library that can be checked out.]

Board members met again on September 20 to address remaining (and additional) agenda items. Specifically, we authorized the Combined Campaign Committee to use $2500 from the Building Fund for activities in support of the forthcoming Capital Campaign; approved the minutes of the September 13 meeting; continued to discuss possible solutions to the prairie dog problem and the need for congregational input on the issue; and approved Congregation-Wide Goals for 2017-18 and the Board Covenant.

~ Wynn Montgomery, Secretary of the Board, September 2017