The Work at Play in the Office

What’s on our Whiteboard This Week:

New Initiatives / One TIme Efforts

  • Donate by Text
  • Intern Search paperwork
  • Some research for the building such as Door Phones (Thanks Paul Gibb!)
  • Responding to Building Committee requests
  • Testing one person having two Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Responding to Google Tech Team proposal (Elisabeth Kern Roos, you are on it!)
  • Building Maintenance (Is there a plumber in the house?!!)
  • Supporting the preparations for the Capital Campaign (Ginny Landes is learning a lot!)
  • Support publicity for the Nonviolent Communications workshop
  • Support publicity for the upcoming Racial Justice film

Annual or other repeats happening this week:

  • Figuring the numbers out for the UUA Certification
  • Tax Statement Support
  • Getting 2nd Quarter Pledge statements created and distributed
  • Path to Membership (input to database, name tag order, and a whole lot more!)
  • First Aid box refresh


  • Deposit
  • Paying the Bills! (Tuesday)
  • Printing the order of service, the Weekly
  • Updating foyer tv slides
  • Writing more checks! (Friday)
  • Reviewing the calendar with Facility Dude Gordon Weir
  • Updates to the Chair / Board / Staff contact list
  • Updating the website (You know who you are, Janet Meyer!)
  • Writing the Blog
  • Order folders, staples, return address labels… The office does not run on bread alone!

On Hold

  • Scheduling the next Communications meeting

What’s Coming Up Quickly

  • Gotta turn in those Budgets (Office, Facilities, Kitchen, Communications) (I swear, Joan Mulcahy, they are coming!)

Daily Stuff

  • Distributing the mail
  • Answering to Emails (starting to do this later in the day)
  • Visitors / Calls / Deliveries / Lost and Found

~ Carol Pranschke, Office Manager
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