Author: Ari Flauta

Heal by Telling the Truth…of Thanksgiving

Each month we are dedicating one session to a different aspect of decentering whiteness work, with our theme guiding us toward which aspect to focus on. When it comes to healing, so many brave and wise voices have lifted up the importance of telling the … read more.

Healing through Community and Comfort

Healing takes work, and our faith also reminds us that healing involves being gentle with ourselves. When our feelings have been hurt and we’re feeling sad and lonely, sometimes the best thing to do is comfort ourselves. One way might be comfort food. Another way … read more.

Healing through Gratitude

When we are sad or have been hurt, it can feel as though “life is out to get us.” It can seem as though life is small and scary. Our faith tells us that gratitude can help guide us back to believing that life is … read more.

Healing Hurting Hearts; Fighting

Have you ever had a fight with a friend. How did that make you feel?
How did it end up?

Our faith reminds us that healing takes work. After a fight with someone, it’s easy to never want to see that person again. We’d rather ignore … read more.

Listening to Nature; Cricket Comb

Comb Kazoo: Fold the wax paper in half and place the folded seam over the exposed teeth of the comb, approximately in the center. There should be one layer of wax paper on each side of the comb, with the ends of the paper extending … read more.