How You Can Financially Support the Fellowship:


Our Fellowship is dependent on the generosity of members and friends of the congregation to meet the annual operating budget.  Please return your printed pledge forms to your steward or to the office at

Make a Pledge to the Annual Pledge Fund for 2020-2021

Make a Pledge to the Annual Pledge Fund for 2021-2022

Support the Capital Campaign

We are currently raising money to finish the extensive addition and remodel to our building, to “Make Room for Our Future.” More information about this project can be found at this link.

Use the Donate button to make a one-time donation to the Building Fund.



Click Here to Make a Pledge to the Capital Campaign

Other Ways to Give

In addition to pledging, you can financially support the Fellowship in a variety of ways – drop a little money in the offering plate, purchase a book from our book cart, or goodies from Unity Plaza during our coffee hour. See the links below for more ideas and options, including the popular Credit Card option.


Bed and Breakfast


Books, Coffee and Groceries

Car Donations


Donate by Text

Planned Giving (sometimes known as Legacy Giving)


Make a donation via Paypal: