Speaker: De Anna Hoyle

Feathers and Rain Don’t Mix (an all ages service)

As we explore the theme of perseverance, we will be introduced to the Red Flame Hunters, a traditional Mardi Gras Indian tribe in the 7th Ward of New Orleans, an all-youth group that exemplifies perseverance.     “Red Flame Hunters: Perseverance Across Cultures”, Rebecca Laverdure:     “A Youth’s Perspective On Perseverance”, Zoe Wiley:

Sacred Morsels

Our ancestors broke bread together as a holy act — embodying the abundance of the earth in remembrance of the gift of life. Today, the whole congregation gathers in our annual bread service, as we invite you to share ‘sacred morsels’ with one another. To sign up to bring a bread, please visit our home page photo banner and click on the sign up link at the Sacred Morsels image.

Expressions of Easter: All Ages Easter Service!

9:00 and 11:00 a.m.: Today Christians around the world celebrate Easter — a most sacred holiday that celebrates a transformation from death to new life. Through story and art, we’ll celebrate the many expressions of Easter — from the story of Ostara to stories from our own UU tradition. Join us for an engaging Sunday … Continue reading Expressions of Easter: All Ages Easter Service!