Speaker: Eric Williams

The Polyphony of Unitarian Universalism

Polyphony—the interweaving of distinct melodies—is an apt metaphor for our UU quest to explore, question and honor the world’s many paths toward spiritual and moral truths. With Service Associates Clare-Marie Wall and Eric Williams. Zoom Service Recording

Justice & Equity

Our beloved country, with all its promise and all its failings, is now one election away from slipping into autocracy; an election that many of us feel will lead to a higher road for the future or a much lower one. How did we get here? Will our democracy and our dreams survive? What can … Continue reading Justice & Equity

The Joy of the Connected Heart

Join us for a meditative celebration of “the Sacred Circle of Life”, as one yearly cycle ends and another begins. We will share a quiet service of music, poetry and meditation. Zoom service only. Recorded Zoom Service Recording