Speaker: Jean Nuttall

The Gift of Eternal Presence

Larry Laverdure and Jean Nuttall, Service Associates. Come explore how Buddhist teachings help us live in the present and appreciate our oneness with all beings. This exploration will invite your reflections as well as your usual Sunday participation.   “The Illusional Self”, Larry LaVerdure:

Wild Geese

We live each moment in our bodies. Mary Oliver calls us to “let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” Come. Join us this Sunday, fully embodied.

What Does Hope Look Like? (New Year’s Eve)

We offer one service at 10 a.m. on this special day. Come explore the question, what does hope look like for each of us as individuals and as community as we enter the new year?     Reflection 1:     Reflection 2:     Reflection 3:

We Find Hope in Community (Chanukah)

You might thrive in this holiday season, or you might want to just pull the covers over your head.  Introvert or extrovert, CEO or homebody, God-worshipper or not, join us in worship, join us in community, join us in interdependence.     Sermon:

Room at the Table for Everyone

We are a welcoming people when we listen open-heartedly to the stories of others. Children and youth will join their families for the beginning of our service and a tale told by Wynn Montgomery. Hannah Grosser, David Ray and Tracy Bush will also be welcomed guests.