Speaker: Pete Wernick

Sources: Humanist

 Humanism is considered a “UU source” — and this service will show how Humanism significantly *overlaps* our Seven Principles and how modern Humanism was launched by Unitarians about 100 years ago. Besides clarifying what modern Humanism is, we’ll hear the story of a BVUUFer who … read more.

Courageous Love Transforms the World

In the third week of our series, we focus on the Jagged Rock: Courageous Love Transforms the World with a tribute to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. For 80 years the UUSC has been on the forefront of social justice movements. Their humanitarian work focuses on collaborating with grassroots movements around the world to advance human rights and human dignity. The UUSC is one tangible, visible way that our courageous love has transformed the world.

Moments of Awe

Awe is one of the finest of human experiences. It often brings a connection to our deepest values, and the lasting impacts of experiencing awe can shape our understanding of our lives on earth and the powerful forces surrounding us. In this service we’ll recall awe and we’ll try to experience it as well. Carmin Sandim will provide piano selections, and Pete and Joan Wernick will sing a song of awe, as well!

New Perspectives on Memorial Day

Our one 10 a.m. service for Memorial Day is about getting past the ambivalence we may have about wars so that we can both recognize our own universal human vulnerability and be thankful for what others have sacrificed — most of them involuntarily — so … read more.

Unclouded Day: Music Sunday with the UUCB Choir

Come join us for a fabulous morning of music when the Fellowship Singers sing with the Choir from our Boulder neighborhood church, Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder.

“On Prayer of the Children”, Rev. Lydia:

“On Unclouded Day”, Rev. Penny Rather: