Speaker: Karin Griglak

Halloween Fun and Animal Blessing – All Ages Samhain Animal Blessing Service

On this Halloween Sunday, we’ll see you on Zoom as we pivot because cold weather is predicted for Sunday. We look forward to seeing you and your pets (or momentos of your pets) online in costume! We’ll learn about the pagan fall festival Samhain … read more.


Black Transwomen are the conjurers of social change, creators of the art, and keepers of the community. Paradoxically, Black Trans women are both the creators of beauty and those who are more at risk of having their beauty destroyed through violence. A queering or deconstruction … read more.

Resilience: In Fresh Surprise of Love

In the month of resilience, what can our animals teach us about love and about how to bounce back from the unexpected?

“Fawkes’ Burning Day excerpt from ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’, by J.K. Rowling”, Karen Griglak

“Lessons in Love – from Cats,” Paul … read more.