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Open Up the Doors

Open up the doors . . .

Open up all that you are

Heighten and deepen your connections to the world around you

Broaden your definition of neighbor

Grow into the largest target for grace that you can muster

And pray to become a gateway for even greater love … read more.

Intention and Presence

Dear Ones,

I hope you each found a way to enjoy the holiday season, and are feeling ready for whatever the New Year has in store.  I chose to spend my holidays at home, and cherished the slower post-Christmas pace and spaciousness to reconnect with friends … read more.

Make it a Practice!

In a recent conversation, my brother, an internist, expounded on the benefits of regular exercise. My brother would say its the most important thing you can do for yourself. I concurred, while sheepishly confessing how difficult it is for me to make exercise a regular practice … read more.

Leaps of Faith

When I was 25 years old, I took a life-changing Outward Bound trip in North Carolina.  Never much of an outdoors person, this trip was an intentional challenge.  I stretched … and loved the backpacking, the white-water canoeing, even the rock-climbing.  But when it came … read more.

A BIG Inclusive Welcome!

Welcome back!  

I’ve heard this season called the ‘second New Year’ of the year.  It certainly has that energy in my household, as we all recreate the patterns of our daily living after summertime flow and fun. Each year there are twists and changes to … read more.

Watching over the Love

When I was in seminary, the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, President of Starr King School of the Ministry, taught a one credit required course (the only required course in that alternative learning environment) called “Watching over the Love”. We were to be attentive to where … read more.