“Not Blob! I said Blog!” All about Fellowship blogging…

Wanna know what the leadership at the Fellowship is thinking? Well, just ask ’em! Another way is to read their blogs, and Connections Weekly will let you know in its Weekly Fellowship Updates segment when a new post, or blog entry, is published. The schedule is subject to change (blogs are new for us and some changes may be made along the way). I’ll share what’s in the works at this time.

First, from the ministers:
1. Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry’s “Minister Musings” are published once a month in the first Weekly of the month. Read ’em at Blog: Minister’s Musings.

2. Rev. Ruth’s “Reflections” are published in the second Weekly of the month at Blog: Reflections.

Second, you can hear from the Board of Trustees:
3. Our Treasurer, President, Treasurer and Secretary are publishing posts once a month at Blog: Updates from the Board. Joan Mulcahy, Treasurer, is posting in the 3rd Weekly each month, and Elisabeth Kern-Roos, President, and Wynn Montgomery, Secretary, are publishing in the 4th Weekly.

Third, David Burrous of the Building Committee is keeping us up-to-date on the basis of “as things develop” at Blog: Building Committee Updates.

Hey, you get to hear from members of staff also!

You can keep up with School of the Spirit, our Religious Education programming for all ages, at Blog: School of the Spirit, published weekly by interim Director of Religious Education De Anna Hoyle.

Finally, there’s this blog, my blog, a most wonderful blunderful blog from your Office Manager, Carol Pranschke, who publishes weekly at Blog: Notes from the Office.

Locating the blogs on our website is easy.

– For all blogs except School of the Spirit and Building Committee, go to the website, click on the News & Events tab, and then follow the links for the blog you want.
– For De Anna’s SOS blog, go to the School of the Spirit tab at the website and click on the drop-down to the blog.
– For David’s Building Committee blog, there is a link to his blog in his email signature, in his emails sent to info@bvuuf.org.

You may notice that our blogs do not allow comments. That is for a few reasons, the main one is the administration involved in monitoring comments for respectful language. You can always proceed to the Contact Us page and write to one of us there.

Have fun reading, and thank you for all the ways you show up at the Fellowship!

~ Carol Pranschke, office manager