Speaker: Eric Williams

Holding History, The Joy of Light in the Dark Season

This Sunday marks the first day of Hanukkah and the first Sunday of advent. Both of these traditions have a rich history, both good, and difficult. These celebrations teach us that it is the lights that shine in the darkness that can awaken in us togetherness, joy, and wonder. Recorded Zoom Service Recording

Sources: Teachings of Dharmic, Indic and Taoist traditions which influenced early Transcendentalists

In the early 1800s, translations from the traditions of India and East Asia were filtering through Europe and across the Atlantic where they inspired our Transcendentalist ancestors, especially Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. We’ll spend time reflecting on teachings from these traditions, their impact on the Transcendentalists, and their continued influence on Unitarian … Continue reading Sources: Teachings of Dharmic, Indic and Taoist traditions which influenced early Transcendentalists

Compassion: Cultivating Compassion

All world religions include something like the Golden Rule: treat others as you wish to be treated. This Sunday, we will explore how we can deepen our compassion; how we can open our hearts to care for others as we ourselves wish to be cared for. Recorded Zoom service

All Souls are Sacred and Worthy

This week’s Jagged Rock: All Souls are Sacred and Worthy. As I speak those simple words, I feel my heart swell. Such deep truth. Such good news. All souls are sacred and worthy. Even mine. Recorded Zoom service

Salvation in This Life: Easter Reinterpreted

On Easter Sunday, we explore the Jagged Rock: Salvation in THIS life. This theological stance set Unitarians, in particular, apart from their liberal Christian siblings. How does it change our lives to be called to create the Beloved Community here and now? Recorded Zoom service

Wisdom: Promise This World Your Love

Rev. Lydia is in the pulpit, leading the Fellowship in our first online service. Music by One Voice. With Service Associate Eric Williams. Please view the Order of Service here. If you wish to join us for our first online service, and haven’t used Zoom before, please follow the instructions here. For those of you already familiar with … Continue reading Wisdom: Promise This World Your Love

Resilience: Well Worn Love?

After the infatuation, after the honeymoon, after the passionate first few years, after the dreams of children or a place to call home, what keeps relationships together? On this Valentine’s Day weekend, we strip away the platitudes, and ask ‘what makes love last? “Entwined”, Eric Williams “Well Worn Love,”Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry “Love Lost,”Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry

Dark of Winter

As we round the corner from the darkest day of the year, we gather to honor the awe that darkness brings. We will also warm up the sanctuary and bring back the light by generously decorating our ‘Mitten Tree’. Please bring mittens and hats for this annual offering to EFAA — the Emergency Family Assistance Program. Our children and youth will join us for part of this service.