Speaker: Intern Minister Lisa Moore

The Price of Lying

Lies are everywhere. From something as seemingly benign as “stretching the truth” and “lies of ommission” to devastating lies such as forgaries, climate change denial, and embezzlement, lying has existed as long as humantiy itself. What impact or “price” do these lies have on our … read more.

Singing from the Scars

Thankfully, our intern minister, Lisa Moore, won’t be singing, however there will be lots of lovely music! Singing from the scars is what happens when there is something wondrous and beautiful to share from a healed place. With such joyful excitement, how can we keep … read more.

After the Fire

With the devastation and loss caused by the Marshall Fire, the theme for the Sunday service is changing. Tomorrow’s service will be a time of community connection, caring, and reflection. 
Following the service, during our normal “virtual coffee hour” time, the Caring Council will be offering facilitated … read more.