Speaker: Paolo Sparti

Father’s Day Expanded

Fatherhood Expanded. In a non-binary world, the assigned ‘male’ gender at birth is no longer a pre-requisite for fatherhood. Today we celebrate the blessings of all kinds of ways to be a father, and all the people who have played fatherly roles in our lives. Zoom Service Recording

The Price of Lying

Lies are everywhere. From something as seemingly benign as “stretching the truth” and “lies of ommission” to devastating lies such as forgaries, climate change denial, and embezzlement, lying has existed as long as humantiy itself. What impact or “price” do these lies have on our lives? Can we be both truthful and kind when someone … Continue reading The Price of Lying

Yule: Engaging with Courage, Hope and Thoughtful Traditions

Many of the modern traditions observed at Christmas were first celebrated by Germanic people in Northern Europe such as : Giving of gifts, feasting, leaving food out for house elves, decorating houses with evergreens such as holly and balsam trees and burning candles. But there were other deeper aspects to the 12 day celebration which … Continue reading Yule: Engaging with Courage, Hope and Thoughtful Traditions

Summer Solstice

Come play with us virtually and celebrate Summer Solstice. Let’s welcome the Sun on it’s longest journey across the Northern Hemisphere. We will be having crreative meditations, so if possible, please come to the service with some paper and crayons, markers, colored pencils, or whatever you would like to create with. Or, if you have … Continue reading Summer Solstice