Speaker: Intern Minister AJ van Tine

Curiosity: The Progressive Religious Impulse

UUism is a relative new religion and yet it has ancient roots. What is the thread that connects us to our past and informs how we approach our future?

“Progress or Bust, Evolution & Selection”, Larry LaVerdure:

“The Progressive Religious Impulse”, AJ van Tine

A Unitarian Universalist Easter

“Imitatio Christi”, Thomas Christopher:

“Like Barley Bending” by Sara Teasdale

“Remembering Jesus”, Thomas Christopher:

“A Unitarian Universalist Easter”, AJ van Tine:

Wholeness and Justice

In order to see the Big Picture, we must step way back. With an all-inclusive perspective, our perceptions become more-accurate. We may find surprises which affect us on a personal level, pointing us in new directions, and toward new actions.

The Wholeness of Our Living Experience

Modern Unitarian Universalism is the result of two denominations (Unitarians, and Universalists) merging in 1961. What can we glean by holding up both sides of this heritage simultaneously, and in dialogue with each other?

“Meeting and Merging in Song”, Scott Youmans:

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