Speaker: Janet Meyer

Principle #3: Acceptance of One Another & Encouragement for Spiritual Growth

In this service, we will explore Principle #3: Acceptance of one another and encouragement towards spiritual growth. Let’s reflect on the wide varieties of journeys that we’ve all taken to get to this moment together. How can we open our hearts to learn from one another and honor the diversity of ways people grow? Led … Continue reading Principle #3: Acceptance of One Another & Encouragement for Spiritual Growth

40 Years of Welcome

This Sunday, we mark the 40th anniversary of our Fellowship and begin the monthly theme of Curiosity. For four decades, we have welcomed the curious. Join us as we reflect on and celebrate where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going.

Myth and Memories: Lessons from Hard Times

We are going through historic hard times right now, and we have before.  What stories do we remember from difficult times and what lessons do we pass down?   “Remembering Hope”, Christiane Olivo:   “Lessons Across Generations”, Janet Meyer:

Sources of Love and Acceptance

Sources of Love and Acceptance Janet Meyer, Leading; Dana Samani, Service Associate. Appreciating the painfully won wisdom that LGBTQ+ folk have gleaned on the path to pride. Special musical guest, Marcos Ospina.

The Ways We Grow

Join us as we roll out our new Lay Pastoral Care Associates Program and look at the ways we grow as a caring congregation and as human beings.      “Brownies Fix Everything”, Janet Meyer:     “The Ways We Grow”, Rev. Penny Rather: