Topic: Courage

Stay Hopeful

Bryan Stevenson tells us that “hopelessness is the enemy of justice.” It is literally our responsibility in these times to stay hopeful.  Where do we turn when our hearts are broken again and again?  How do we sustain ourselves?  Dear ones, come join us … read more.

Everyday Race

It’s about you and me. Join us for a powerful service, with guest healer/poet/racial justice facilitator, Norma Johnson, and musician and peace activist, Dexter Payne. Their offering will take us on a creative journey of Race, to delve into its persistent everydayness in our racialized society.

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Change the Narrative

What’s the story we tell about ourselves? Our country? Our world?  How do our common national narratives keep oppression in its place? Does changing narratives really make a difference?  How about those who have the courage to change the narrative of their lives?

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