Topic: Story

A Different Kind of Memorial

May 31st will be the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Come and learn about that tragic event, and a Unitarian’s involvement. We’ll examine our history around racism and how remembering our past gives us another reason to continue to dismantling white supremacy culture. TRAUMA WARNING: This service contains historical reference to violence against … Continue reading A Different Kind of Memorial

Music Sunday

Come enjoy music from One Voice, Fellowship Choir and other Colorado UU musicians this Music Sunday as we explore the ways music, the singing of songs, and telling of stories are intertwined. Recorded Zoom service

Annual Youth Service

This interactive Youth Service featuring some of the High School aged Youth of our Congregation may leave you contemplating questions small and large. Recorded Zoom service

The Stories We Learn From

Do you remember the stories you heard as a child? The ones with lessons in them. In today’s service we will explore the sacred stories of our past, our present, and maybe even our future. Recorded Zoom service