Speaker: Haley Anderson

Sources: Humanist

 Humanism is considered a “UU source” — and this service will show how Humanism significantly *overlaps* our Seven Principles and how modern Humanism was launched by Unitarians about 100 years ago. Besides clarifying what modern Humanism is, we’ll hear the story of a BVUUFer who … read more.

Imbolc, a story of Integrity & Resilience

This coming week, February 1, marks the celebration of the pagan festival of Imbolc, the coming of the spring. We’ll explore why celebrating it can be seen as an act of integrity, defiance, the resilency of nature, and our own resilency.

From Awe to Integrity

In what ways can experiences of awe help us to re-integrate our bodies, minds, and souls so that we can become people of integrity? Join Haley Anderson and Aaron Ortego this Sunday as we explore the ways in which awe inducing experiences with nature help us to form deeper connections with ourselves and the world around us.