Speaker: Christiane Olivo

Wholeness: Wabi Sabi

In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi sabi is a worldview centered on the acceptance of the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. As we end our month of exploring the theme of wholeness, we will use the teachings of wabi sabi to reflect on how we might … read more.

Myth and Memories: Lessons from Hard Times

We are going through historic hard times right now, and we have before.  What stories do we remember from difficult times and what lessons do we pass down?

“Remembering Hope”, Christiane Olivo:

“Lessons Across Generations”, Janet Meyer:

Rhythm and Dynamic Balance (Sunday of Daylight Savings Time)

We dance it together. We will explore dance as a metaphor for a balanced life. Led by Christiane Olivo and Thomas Christopher.

“Balancing Past and Future”, Christiane Olivo:

“Life is a Dance”, Thomas Christopher: