Topic: Awe

From Awe to Integrity

In what ways can experiences of awe help us to re-integrate our bodies, minds, and souls so that we can become people of integrity? Join Haley Anderson and Aaron Ortego this Sunday as we explore the ways in which awe inducing experiences with nature help us to form deeper connections with ourselves and the world around us.

A Child is Born!

Join us for this traditional Christmas Eve Service, a couple days early this year. We’ll sing lots of caroles, share in the awe of each new life, and end with our traditional lighting of candles and singing of “Silent Night”.

Dark of Winter

As we round the corner from the darkest day of the year, we gather to honor the awe that darkness brings. We will also warm up the sanctuary and bring back the light by generously decorating our ‘Mitten Tree’. Please bring mittens and hats for this annual offering to EFAA — the Emergency Family Assistance Program. Our children and youth will join us for part of this service.

Awesome and Awful

Sometimes the most challenging moments of our lives open us to the most awesome insights. Join Rev. Lydia and Service Associate Brigitta Vieyra as we explore how we can encounter the sacred in the best and the worst moments in life. Emily Jaworski, mezzo-soprano, and Tad Koriath, piano, will provide songs of awe in all situations.

Making Room for Awe in the Season of Tinsel

Tis the season . . . for overdoing it! More than any time of year, December is filled with invitations to over-eat, over-shop, and over-extend. Sure, a little overindulgence is warranted now and again. But the real treasure in life isn’t in all the stuff we’re manipulated into believing we ‘need’, but in simple ordinary moments. Today, we remind ourselves to notice what most inspires us during this season. The Fellowship Choir will sing songs of awe, highlighted by the ethereal Eric Whitacre piece, “Glow.”

Moments of Awe

Awe is one of the finest of human experiences. It often brings a connection to our deepest values, and the lasting impacts of experiencing awe can shape our understanding of our lives on earth and the powerful forces surrounding us. In this service we’ll recall awe and we’ll try to experience it as well. Carmin Sandim will provide piano selections, and Pete and Joan Wernick will sing a song of awe, as well!